HVAC Financing

Energy Efficient Upgrades with PowerSaver (and a whole lot more…)

Now more than ever, it’s easy and affordable to have your HVAC systems serviced, thanks to a partnership between Veterans Green Jobs and WJB Energy (part of a family of businesses owned by W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital). W.J. Bradley has been chosen by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to offer PowerSaver loans to homeowners for energy-efficient improvements.

Homeowners can get extremely low interest loans up to $25,000 for items ranging from energy efficient furnaces, to the replacement doors and windows, to insulation, to residential solar. PowerSaver is insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

Why a W.J. Bradley PowerSaver Loan?

  • No origination cost
  • No title fee
  • No appraisal fee
  • Free energy audit
  • 45 day lock-in rate
  • Low competitive rate
  • No-prepayment penalty
  • Complete project management services

A BONUS FOR VETERANS: W.J. Bradley is the only PowerSaver provider that is partnering with Veterans Green Jobs. Homeowners who qualify for a W.J. Bradley PowerSaver loan will have the opportunity to work with W.J. Bradley’s partners – including Veterans Green Jobs – that are committed to increasing veteran job opportunities in the green jobs sector.

PowerSaver by W.J. Bradley Loan At-A-Glance

  • Up to $25,000 to be used for energy-efficient improvements
  • $7,500 minimum loan amount
    • Term as long as 20 years
    • Minimum FICO score of 660
    • Maximum 45% Debt-to-Income Ratio
    • 100% Combined Loan to Value Ratio (CLTV)
    • 50% paid at work commencement
    • 50% paid at work completion

Qualify in less than an hour and begin your home improvements within four days of your application approval.

W.J. Bradley’s team of PowerSaver loan professionals are available 24/7 to answer questions.

Do You Qualify?