We service and install residential boilers

Veterans Green Jobs takes pride in providing thorough service maintenance to your boiler and we will make sure it’s working in a safe and efficient manner. We recommend keeping up with proper boiler maintenance to ensure the longest life possible.

For your convenience, Veterans Green Jobs carries a couple different boiler brands to give you a variety to choose from. Whichever brand you choose, know that boilers are solid pieces of equipment that usually last for a very long time. We have seen some that are up to 50 years old!

Our service promise

We do not work on commission and we promise not to sell you something you don’t need. As a veteran-based team, we take pride in our priorities: to respect your home and increase its comfort, deliver top-notch service, and provide you with quality equipment.

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How are boilers different from central heating furnaces?

A Raypak 82% efficiency, 181K Full BTUH boiler.

Boilers are typically more expensive than central heating furnaces because of the required plumbing, the parts they use, and their complex installation. Boiler installation is a long process and can take up to three days.

In return, boilers are more efficient than central heating furnaces. By using less fuel, they cost less to operate. In addition, they provide more consistent, steady heat.

Though more expensive, high-efficiency boilers will cost even less to operate. They may even be eligible for rebates, which will help reduce up-front costs.  Click here to learn more about available rebates and incentives!

Keep in mind that at Veterans Green Jobs, we charge up to 35% less for our services.