Why Hire Veterans Green Jobs

Why Hire Veterans Green Jobs for HVAC Services?

  • Out with the old furnace…

    Affordability. Our prices are up to 35% less expensive. How do we do that? Because we are a nonprofit organization, all of our revenues go right back into our nonprofit programs that provide training and employment opportunities for military veterans.

  • Quality. Our team members get the job done – guaranteeing high-quality workmanship on every home we service. We stand by the quality and safety of our work through five-year product and labor warranties, full compliance on manufacturers’ specifications, 26-point furnace inspections (which include safety checks), and industry leading Rheem products.
  • Expertise. Our nationally certified technicians have 200 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry. They are highly disciplined, organized, trustworthy, and professional – and they are committed to the health and safety of our customers.
  • Veteran Mission. We have a higher purpose than optimizing profits. Our work is driven by a mission to create jobs for veterans and serve our communities and the environment.

In with the new, high-efficiency furnace.

  • Integrity. Our technicians don’t get paid on commission. That means customers get top-notch service just because it’s part of our job – and we promise not to sell products or services our customers don’t need.
  • Benefits to Customers. Our HVAC services help customers who want to lower their energy usage and utility bills – but may not have access to these services because they are too expensive. Customers no longer have to delay servicing or replacing their systems due to high costs. In addition to paying less money for our HVAC services, our customers keep their homes safer and more comfortable year-round.