HVAC Client Testimonials

What clients say about our services….

Renee and her grandson are looking forward to being more comfortable year-round.

Renee Shirley of Denver appreciates the professional quality of services she received from Veterans Green Jobs. She speaks of Walter Heppard, the furnace technician who serviced her home: “The minute Walt walked in the door, I could tell he knew what he was doing. It was clear he understood boilers. I trusted him.”


“The level of expertise and service was outstanding. The custom A/C people did a great job with the furnace. They showed up on time, and everyone was very professional and hard-working. Thanks so much for the whole package – we are looking forward to a comfortable and warm winter.”- A.N., Denver/JeffCo resident

“Abdel and Walt were at my home yesterday to install my furnace. They were wonderful, professional, and had to work in very tight and hot conditions for a long period of time. I am thankful!” – P.F., Denver/JeffCo resident

“Thank you so very much for fixing my furnace. I have lived under blankets for weeks. God Bless to everyone at Veterans Green Jobs.” - J.B., Denver/JeffCo resident