Residential Energy Efficiency Services

Veterans Green Jobs offers a comprehensive collection of residential energy efficiency services in the metro Denver area.

Brother-and-sister team John Montoya and Delia Hammons live in the duplex they share with their 99-year-old sister.

For income-qualified households in Denver and Jefferson Counties, we provide free home energy efficiency, health and safety services. Offered at no cost to households whose income is identified as at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, these services make homes more comfortable, safe and healthy for the people who live in them. This program reduces the burden of high energy costs for vulnerable populations that may not otherwise be able to afford home performance upgrades. Call now to see if you qualify: 720-236-1321. Or read more on our Income-Qualified Services page.

For households who don’t qualify for our free services, we offer affordable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) services to households throughout the Denver metro region. Visit our HVAC Services page for more information.

We may also offer health and safety services through our Green & Healthy Homes program. Read more about Green & Healthy Homes.

After Felicia Pettis received our free services, her children danced, they were so happy to feel the heat from the furnace.


Client Testimonials

“For people in the lower income bracket, the free services are a godsend.” – David H.

“The kids danced, they were so happy to feel the heat.” – Felicia P.

“The Veterans Green Jobs people were very professional, friendly and proficient, and they explained everything really well, showing us what they were doing.” – Harrison P.

“I had no idea these services were available for free to families like ours.” – Alex K.

“The minute Walt walked in the door, I could tell he knew what he was doing. It was clear he understood boilers. I trusted him.” – Renee S.

“The Veterans Green Jobs crew cleaned up like champs.” – Alison H.

“Weatherization is a comprehensive process. We wouldn’t have known how to do it. And financially, it was just out of reach. With these free services, I feel like I won the lottery.” – David S.

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