Energy Efficiency Services for Income-Qualified Households

A VGJ weatherization technician insulates a client’s crawl space.

Veterans Green Jobs is Colorado’s largest provider of energy efficiency services for income-qualified homes in Denver and Jefferson Counties.

Through a contract with the Colorado Energy Office, Veterans Green Jobs helps an annual average of 600 households increase their energy efficiency and safety since 2009. Our weatherization services – which may include home energy audits, insulation upgrades, air leak sealing, and installation of high-efficiency appliances such as furnaces and refrigerators – help residents ensure that their energy consuming equipment is operating at maximum efficiency. These services help make residents more comfortable in winter and summer, reduce utility bills, increase health and safety, and lower their carbon footprint.  Read our Weatherization Fact Sheet.

Veterans Green Jobs has received funding to continue this work through June 30, 2014.

Jill and David Sneed transformed their home with energy efficiency services

The Veterans Green Jobs program wraps educational outreach around all of these offerings with a goal of changing consumer behavior. By helping clients understand how they have a direct influence on their own health and safety at home, Veterans Green Jobs’ work will have long-lasting impact that saves lives and enhances quality of life.


Who Are the Clients We Serve?

We serve income-qualified households in Denver and Jefferson Counties in Colorado. In addition to having limited or fixed income, relying on government assistance or otherwise struggling financially, Veterans Green Jobs’ clients are considered at risk or vulnerable because they:

- Have high energy bills that drain family financial resources that could be used for other critical needs such as food, clothing and medication.

- Live in an older home that has outdated appliances, little or no insulation, drafty windows, or is potentially laden with radon, lead, asbestos and/or indoor  air quality problems (such as mold).

- Have asthma-related illness.

- Live in a home with construction hazards that impact safety.

Our green and healthy homes program is made possible through partnerships with the Colorado Energy OfficeCity of DenverXcel EnergyGreen & Healthy Homes Initiative (a national coalition), and foundations with funding focused on home energy or health.

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