Clean, Friendly, Professional Services Impress Denver Couple

Posted by on 04/26/2013 in Testimonials

“The Veterans Green Jobs crew cleaned up like champs.” – Alison Helm

Alison Helm received free energy efficiency services on her 1929 bungalow.

When the friend of a friend was getting energy efficiency upgrades for his Denver home, Alison Helm was inspired to look into weatherization services for her own house. She knew she couldn’t afford much – her husband is a student, and she is trying to get caught up financially after having been unemployed for eight months. So she started to dig around for affordable options.

Eventually, the Denver Energy Challenge, a program of the City & County of Denver, referred Alison to Veterans Green Jobs. She was pleased to learn the services would be absolutely free – but she was in for a couple of other surprises as well.

Alison’s home is a 1929 bungalow in Denver. Because the home is small at just over 900 square feet, and she keeps the thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter, she pays around $100 on the monthly utility bill during winter. But she, her husband and their five-year-old son were uncomfortable in colder months.

“We had very drafty doors and windows, and heat escapes out the fireplace flue.” They had tried putting plastic over the windows to seal in the warm air, but didn’t like the aesthetics. “I called Veterans Green Jobs to see what they would recommend,” she says.

When auditors did an evaluation of Alison’s home, they gave the existing furnace a thumbs-up and didn’t see a need to replace it. They sealed the doors and windows, blew insulation into the attic, sealed the ductwork in the basement, replaced outdated and dangerous exhaust tubing on the clothesdryer with safer material, installed smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and furnished energy-saving CFL lightbulbs for the whole house.

“It definitely feels warmer,” she notes, adding that she’s looking forward to a cooler house in the warm summer months, too.

Alison was surprised by the fact that the services were offered at no cost. “Since it was free, we didn’t have high expectations.”

But, she says, the quality of the work, the cleanliness of the crew and the friendly client service she received were remarkable.

“I was most impressed with how beautifully they cleaned up after themselves. Most of these types of projects make the house look like a pigsty. But the Veterans Green Jobs crew cleaned up like champs.”

Veterans Green Jobs provides comprehensive home performance services to income-qualified homes with funding from the Colorado Energy Office, the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships and Xcel Energy, and with the collaboration of the Denver Green and Healthy Homes Initiative. These services make homes greener, healthier and safer while reducing the burden of high energy costs.  Application for Free Home Performance Services /Solicitud de trabajos de climatización

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