Westminster Resident Gives Veterans Green Jobs an A+

Posted by on 05/10/2013 in Testimonials

“For people in the lower income bracket, the free services are a godsend.” David Holzworth

David Holzworth received free weatherization services from Veterans Green Jobs

Even though David Holzworth didn’t qualify for financial assistance from the Low-income Energy Assistance Program, he did qualify to receive free weatherization services from Veterans Green Jobs.

“I made too much money for LEAP. But these things are horribly expensive. For people in the lower income bracket, the free services are a godsend.”

When David applied for Veterans Green Jobs’ free upgrades to his Westminster home, he was primarily interested in having new insulation installed in the attic, and wanted the walls to be inspected, too. “The insulation perked my interest the most. I figured the more insulation, the lower the utility bills would be in the future. My wages aren’t going up,” he says, estimating he’s been paying an average of $160 per month on the gas and electric bill.

The Veterans Green Jobs team inspected the 1978 ranch home and determined that the furnace was in good condition, but they did make a few adjustments to ensure it was meeting operational standards. They insulated the attic and the crawlspace, and secured a vapor barrier throughout the crawlspace to keep moisture out. They also sealed the ductwork to help ensure proper heated air delivery, replaced the bathroom ventilation fan, installed smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and mounted several CFL lightbulbs.

Already David says he’s noticed a difference. “The furnace is running differently – not as often or as long. And the insulation is keeping the cold air out.” This summer, he says he expects the insulation to keep the cooler air in.

Worried that the economy is only going to get tighter, and it will be increasingly harder for lower income people to pay for upgrades to their homes, David is especially appreciative of the no-cost aspect of the services. “People can’t afford to have this stuff done. Or if they do, it comes out of savings, and they can’t replace it. It eliminates other things the money could have gone for.”

Happy with the results, David says the Veterans Green Jobs crew was nice, efficient, had good attitudes, and had fun doing it. “If I could find a contractor that did the good work they did, I would be super happy. I give VGJ an A+.”

Veterans Green Jobs provides comprehensive home performance services to income-qualified homes with funding from the Colorado Energy Office, Xcel Energy and the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. These services make homes greener, healthier and safer while reducing the burden of high energy costs.  Application for Free Home Performance Services /Solicitud de trabajos de climatización

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