Frank Lopez is Making Sure His House Is “Serving Its Purpose”

Posted by on 09/20/2013 in Testimonials

“We need to save money, not waste energy, and cut energy costs.” – Frank Lopez, Arvada

Frank Lopez is determined to cut his energy bill in half – and he may already be partway there, thanks to the weatherization services Veterans Green Jobs provided on his Arvada home.

When Frank saw an ad for the free services in the local newspaper, he decided to call Veterans Green Jobs. “I said to my wife, ‘Let’s see if this is something we could benefit from.’ So we called, filled out the application, and found out we qualified. I was shocked.”

Frank Lopez received free weatherization services at his Arvada home

Built in 1974, Frank’s home was solidly built, he says. But he is always looking for ways to ensure his house is serving its purpose. “We need to keep the house in the right place – make sure the walls and foundation are good and stable, and the heat is kept in.” Right now, Frank sees the need to “save money, not waste energy, and cut energy costs. It’s what we all struggle with.”

Frank estimates his energy bill has run about $130 per month in the winter time. And even though he already works hard to conserve energy by cautiously turning up the thermostat in cold months, reducing air-conditioning usage and installing storm windows, he is determined to conserve even more. “I hate throwing money down the toilet.”

Upon completion of Veterans Green Jobs’ audit, the weatherization and HVAC crews repaired Frank’s furnace and ensured the system was operating to appropriate safety and regulatory codes; installed insulation in the attic, exterior walls and skylights; weather-stripped the windows and doors; and installed four smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Frank says now he feels safer and more secure knowing his systems are properly updated.

“The home’s previous owner had done non-permitted repairs on the furnace, and it wasn’t to code or operating. Its blower motor had also gone out. Now we’re safer – and our heating bills should go down this winter.”

With the new systems only in place for a month so far, Frank says he and his wife already feel more comfortable – even though the weather is still warm. “We immediately noticed a difference in the way the insulation keeps the house cooler. We haven’t had to turn on the air-conditioner.”

Aside from the improvements on his house, Frank noticed other benefits. “I was really, really happy with the way the crew kept me informed about what they were doing, what the house needed, and what to do if I needed any followup.”

For Frank, retired and on disability, the no-cost aspect of the weatherization services was a tremendous bonus. He has already talked up the services to eight friends and neighbors, leading them to fill out applications and seek qualification.

“I told them it’s free to get it checked. You have nothing to lose,” he says. “We have to take advantage of these programs the government puts out there.”

Veterans Green Jobs provides comprehensive home performance services to income-qualified homes with funding from the Colorado Energy Office, Xcel Energy and the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. These services make homes greener, healthier and safer while reducing the burden of high energy costs.

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