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Posted by on 02/28/2013 in Testimonials

“The furnace sounds like a hummingbird…. It’s a godsend.” Harrison Pollard

Roxanne and Harrison Pollard, green and healthy homes clients

The doors in Harrison Pollard’s house were letting cold air seep inside and his energy bills were “going through the roof.” But he didn’t have the budget to fix the systems and make them more energy efficient or cost effective. Besides, he says, “I’m all thumbs. We couldn’t do anything about it.”

Fortunately, Harrison and his wife didn’t need to continue living with cold air streaming through their home. When they received a letter from Xcel Energy informing them they qualified for free services to weatherize their home, they jumped at the opportunity and contacted Veterans Green Jobs.

An auditor from Veterans Green Jobs surveyed the house and decided to replace the 31-year-old furnace with a new, 90 percent energy efficient furnace, insulate the attic, seal the doors with weather stripping, install CFL lightbulbs, install a carbon monoxide detector and update the smoke detector. These services would be offered at no cost to Harrison.

“They did an excellent job. The Veterans Green Jobs people were very professional, friendly and proficient, and they explained everything really well, showing us what they were doing,” says Harrison.

Harrison, who is retired, and his wife Roxanne, who is disabled and on oxygen, are looking forward to a warmer winter – and lower utility bills.

According to Harrison, the bills run as high as $200 per month. “When you’re living on a fixed income, you can’t handle that during the winter months. You can’t do the things you need to do with just money from Social Security.”

Harrison says that he can already tell a difference in the home’s comfort. “The furnace sounds like a hummingbird. Our old furnace had a big hole in it – we were losing heat.” He also says that he and his wife no longer have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. “These services were critical. Life saving.”

The Pollards are grateful for the availability of these services at no cost to them. “It’s a total blessing. A godsend,” says Harrison.

Veterans Green Jobs provides comprehensive home performance services to income-qualified homes with funding from the Colorado Energy Office, Xcel Energy and the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. These services make homes greener, healthier and safer while reducing the burden of high energy costs.  Application for Free Home Performance Services /Solicitud de trabajos de climatización


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