VGJ Staff Member Highlight: Marietta Silva

Posted by on 06/27/2012 in Featured, Testimonials

Meet One Of Our Staff Members!

Marietta Silva, Corporate Partnership Manager at Veterans Green Jobs
Veteran of the U.S. Army National Guard (Combat Medic)

Term of service: 1997-2005

Marietta Silva

Marietta’s diverse professional and educational background gave her many employment options to choose from. With seven years under her belt in the financial industry, plus program director experience running after-school and summer camp programs for more than a decade at the YMCA, a degree in education, and her military experience, Marietta sought a job she could sink her teeth into – one that offered meaning.

She was astounded to learn that the veteran unemployment rate was so high, and wanted to find a way to help, citing the numerous skills and experiences of former servicemen and women. She was attracted to Veterans Green Jobs because of its clear purpose and mission.

“The financial industry evolved to a point where I felt like I didn’t have a clear picture of who I was serving. I can relate to this work because I’m a veteran and I can also identify with non-veterans with my experience working in the civilian world.

I definitely see a career path in corporate partnerships – it’s about building relationships with people, and moving forward together. The money we raise helps employ veterans and serves our communities. At Veterans Green Jobs, I’m absolutely certain about who I’m working for every single day.”

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